Savannah and Such

This week, I had the opportunity to introduce the hubs to one of my favorite cities--Savannah, GA. This city is rich with history, and I find it to be so creatively inspiring.

We stayed at an amazing AirBnB (biking distance from all of my favorite spots in the city), ate the best food, and most importantly--relaxed. We actually managed to document this trip, so here are a few of our favorite shots! (Mostly food, but whatever)

Not pictured... We arrived in Savannah on Tuesday afternoon and explored River Street first. We got as many samples of pralines as we possibly could, and watched the freight boats float on by. This was followed up by some pretty delish Pork Carnitas tacos from Tequila's Town. 

Wednesday morning started out with the most important meal... BRUNCH. We went to Back in the Day Bakery for some pastries and iced coffee (iced chai for me). 

Next, we hopped on our bikes and headed to Forsyth Park. Side Note... I can't get enough of the Spanish Moss trees. I want to bring some back to Dallas. 


Once we got our fill of Forsyth, we continued biking around town, and on to Broughton Street for shopping. We sampled honey from Savannah Bee company, bought a few new threads from Gap (duh), and explored Paris Market and all its wonder (pictured below). 

After we (I) got our (my) shopping fix, we rode into the many town squares Savannah has to offer. Each is beautiful and unique, and shares a different part of Savannah's history. In one of the squares we were serenaded by a flautist playing songs like "America the Beautiful" and "Old McDonald had a Farm." 

We ended our biking journey with some Mate tea, which might as well be coffee, at Mate Factor. Wednesday night was date night. We went to a new farm-to-table restaurant called Cotton and Rye and had arguably the best food we have ever consumed. We started out with some shrimp and grits, had a main dish of a NY strip Philly Cheesesteak and house cut fries, and ended on a sweet note with some chocolate buttermilk pie. UH. MAZE. ING. 

We concluded the night by driving over the Savannah River and into South Carolina... Just so Derek could say that he'd been there ;) 

Thursday morning, we woke up before dawn and met the sunrise at Tybee Island. I love a good sunrise, and this one was definitely worth waking up early for. 

We ended our trip back in Savannah with the most delicious breakfast at The Collins Quarter. Sweet for me, and savory for Derek. 


So there ya have it! We loved every second. 

Have you ever been to Savannah? What's your favorite part?